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Bachelor's Degree Programs at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

With a Bachelor's Degree, you have an academic degree with which your can enter the professional world that takes six semesters. It is the basic requirement for admission to a Master's Degree program.

At the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, one-subject, two-subject and combination degree programs can be studied.


Single-Subject Bachelor's Degree Program (Bachelor of Arts, B.A.)

Studying for a single-subject Bachelor's degree invloves acquiring CPs in the degree program curriculum in addition to CPs from courses taken within the framework of Studium Integrale and the writing of a Bachelor's thesis while acquiring key qualifications relevant for study and career. It is possible to find an individual focus through options in the subject areas of the degree curriculums.



Two-Subject Bachelor's Degree Programs (Bachelor of Arts, B.A.)

The subject of two-subject degree program comprise the same scope of studies and usually involves obligatory as well as elective obligatory areas to develop an individual focus. The Bachelor's thesis can be written in either subject. Further components are studies that complement the degree program offered by the Faculty as well as courses offered within the framework of Studium Integrale. 

Some subjects offer the possibility to chose between different fields of study. The subjects or different fields of study can be combined in most cases. In addition, there is also the possibility to combine with subjects from educational science and musicology and courses offered by the Faculty of Human Sciences as well as with geography (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences).   


Combined Bachelor's Degree Programs

Combined Bachelor's degree programs are characterized as interdisciplinary and combine subjects from different subject groups and faculties. Theme fields, which are interdisciplinary and cross-faculty in research and teaching, can be studied within the framework of an attractive degree program.  

Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
Media Studies and Regional Studies

Faculty of Law
Media Studies, Regional Studies: China, Regional Studies: Eastern and Middle Europe