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Offermann-Hergarten Prize

Anna-Maria Offermann-Hergarten, a business woman from Cologne, who operated among other things, a leather shop close to Cologne Cathedral that is still in business, decreed in her will that a foundation to award special achievement in the Humanities at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Cologne be set up from her estate. 

At the beginning of 1991, Anna-Maria Offermann-Hergarten passed and her notary Dr. Ralf Tönnies began to set up the foundation. In 1994, the foundation was recognized and there was the first announcement.

Anne Offermann-Hergarten named Rolf Reucher from Kreissparkasse Bank Cologne as well as Alfred Fuhrmann as members of the Foundation committee. Additionally, as chairman of the Committee for the Advancement of Junior Academics of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Prof. Dr. Ralph Jessen has recently been nominated by the Dean's Office. The Foundation committee decides on the awarding of the prize. The Committee for the Advancement of Junior Academics of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities reviews and recommends applications.

The objective of the Foundation is to promote junior academics by awarding them for their published work   with a monetary prize which is intended as both a reward and a basis to continue their work.

The Committee of Offermann-Hergarten Foundation awards the the prize within the framework of a ceremony. 

Preisträger*innen der Offermann-Hergarten-Stiftung