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Ringvorlesung des Centre for Australian Studies (CAS) im Sommersemester 2017

© Courtesy of Hui Lewis

Introduction to Australian Studies

  • 18.04. Introduction & Launch Event of Centre for Australian Studies
    Dany Adone & Beate Neumeier
  • 25.04. A Very Concise History of Australia from 40.000 BC to 2017
    Norbert Finzsch
  • 02.05. Not Just a Land of Kangaroos and Eucalypts –Introduction to the Fascinating Flora and Fauna of Australia
    Anke Frank
  • 09.05. Geographic Perspectives on Australia
    Boris Braun & Amelie Bernzen
  • 16.05. Indigenous Languages of Australia: an Overview
    Dany Adone & Melanie Brück
  • 23.05. Focus on the Kimberley Languages
    Christina Ringel
  • 30.05. Language Endangerment in Australia
    Dany Adone
    “Big Boss“, theLast Leader of the Crocodile Islands
    Bentley James
  • 13.06. Mythologies of the Great Southern Land
    Paul Arthur
  • 20.06. Anthropology in/of Australia Past and Present
    Carsten Wergin
  • 27.06. Aboriginal Theatre and Performance
    Helen Gilbert
  • 04.07. Imagining the Nation: Literature of the 1890s
    Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp
  • 11.07. Law, Literature, and Australian Studies
    Katrin Althans
  • 18.07. Migration, Trauma, and Identity in Richard Flanagan's The Sound of One Hand Clapping
    Heinz Antor
  • 25.07. Australian Film –A Distinct National Cinema?
    Beate Neumeier & Victoria Herche