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Gender Equality Institutions Links
Central Gender Equality Officers The gender quality officers advise and support the University in the area of gender mainstreaming and participate in the execution of the LGG NRW. In addition, there is a comprehensive advisory mandate in the area of gender equality for the benefit of all staff members of the
Department of Gender & Diversity ManagementThe Department of Gender & Diversity Management is involved with the Vice-Rectorate for Gender Equality and Diversity and connects the various activities in the areas of diversity and equal opportunities at the University of
Dual Career & Family Support (CFS)Dual Career & Family Support is the central information, advice and service point regarding balancing family and career for staff members of the University of
Female Career CenterThe Female Career Center (FCC) was established in 2001 and offers female members of the University of Cologne and University Hospital Cologne the opportunity to systematically enhance their professional and personal profiles by attending workshops.
Autonomes Referat für Studieren mit Kind(ern)The Autonome Referat "Studierende mit Kind(ern)" represents the interests of the students who are parents or are soon to be parents at the University of Cologne.
GeStiKGender Studies in Cologne - a central, academic institution at the University of
Institutional Strategy of the University of CologneUnder the title of “Meeting the challenge of change and complexity,” the Institutional Strategy combines a series of measures to strengthen and further develop the research profile of the University of Cologne.
Equality BoardThe Equality Board advises the a.r.t.e.s. Directorate and PhD candidates on all questions relating to equality issues. The focus is on promoting gender equality, PhD students with children with children as well as researchers (female and male) from families who do not come from an academic background. Furthermore, the Equality Board also provides information about the current state of affairs with regard to equality issues and cooperates with information centres to promote the balancing of family and academic
Doktorand*innen Netzwerk gender und queerThe Doktorand*innen Netzwerk gender und queer was established to counteract the isolation of doctoral projects in the interdisciplinary field of gender and queer studies. We consider ourselves an open forum that offers all PhD students of the University of Cologne the chance to pursue gender-specific research in fruitful exchange. On the one hand, the objective is to further one’s own perspective to those of other departments and faculties, and, on the other, to sound out content and methodological interfaces and synergy effects. Lastly, we also want to support the diverse efforts at the University of Cologne to increase the visibility and self-image of gender and queer studies on the level of PhD

Daycare Centre ParameciumThe University of Cologne operates its own day-care centre in Weyertal. Since autumn 2011, this has been looking after around 80 children aged 4 months until school age of academic staff, other employees and students. All places are offered as full-day places. Academics, StudentsUniversity of
KSTW Kindertagesstätten The Kölner Studierendenwerk operates two day-care centres for the children aged between one and three, one daycare centre for children aged between two years and pre-school age and a daycare centre for children aged between one and pre-school age: Uni-Kids (HumF), Campus- Zwerge (TU), Stoppersöckchen (Kinderhaus), Purzelbaum (SpoHo)
Back-up-Service The UoC backup service is open to all students and employees of the university who need short-term childcare. The UoC backup service offers emergency childcare for children aged between the age of six months and eight years.University Staff
Babysitter Pool Potential babysitters are invited to an interview in the Family Support centre. The contact information of the babysitter is filed and made available to parents. Parents seeking a babysitter make contact with the babysitter and organize arrangements. Family Support offers babysitters in the pool regular training courses. University Staff
Care Funds for students with children or relatives in need of care - CFSStudents of the University of Cologne are eligible for financial support for child care or care costs for relatives in need of care for activities during their
Care Funds with academic and non-academic staff with children or relatives in need of care - CFSAcademic and non-academic staff members of the University of Cologne are eligible for the reimbursement of their care costs for activities associated with their employment, necessitating additional care for their children or relatives in need of care. Care costs of €8.50/hour/child (€12 in the case of more of one child) or relatives in need of care with a maximum of €51/day (or €72/day in the case of more than one child).
Event Childcare Event childcare services are available to all event organisers of the University of Cologne. In close consultation, Family Support organises childcare that fits in with the requirements and the schedule of the event in question. This ensures that people who are interested who also have a child/children are able to take part in the event.University Staff and
Holiday Childcare

Holiday Childcare Link
Experiment Camp for Children (5th - 7th Class)For one week (daily from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm), the children can do experiments in a range of fields in the student laboratory. There are also short classes and activities outdoors and indoors.University Staff and StudentsInstitute for Biology Didactics and the Teaching and Study Laboratory of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Summer/Autumn Camp for Children aged 6-10The camp is open to children (aged 6-10) of staff and students of the University of Cologne. The Autumn Camp is organized by the Institute for Didactics of General Studies.University Staff and StudentsInstitute for Didactics of General Studies – Faculty of Mathematics and Natural
Summer/Autumn Camp for Children aged 6-10Family Support organizes one-week Easter and Autumn Holiday Camps for the children of University staff and students. For children aged between 6 and 10, interesting and high-quality holiday activities are offered between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. University Staff and
Fußball Uni at UniSportDuring the school holidays, innovative one-week football holiday camps for children aged 7 and older take place on the University Sport campus. The camps are also open to the children of University staff for whom a discount is available.University StaffFußball Uni
MagnusKids Summer Camp for the Children of StudentsDuring the Summer Holidays, students can register their children (aged 5-12) for holiday activities of the AStA of the University of Cologne. As the holidays are not always parallel with the lecture-free period, the AStA provides activities during these times.Students

Mentoring Programmes
WiMa Mentoring ProgrammeDual Career & Family Support set up a new mentoring programme in 2017 for all female employees of the University of Cologne. The mentoring programme is aimed at female employees (administrative staff, especially part-time workers) of all ages who (1) reconcile private family responsibilities (children, caring for relatives) with their profession and (2) wish to reflect on their professional situation and reconcile family and working
Cornelia Harte Mentoring 2001Mentees of the Universiy of Cologne (UoC) are brought together with mentors from academia and the business sector and supported during the transitional period between graduation and career.For advanced students without doctoral projects and doctoral candidates from all faculties (with the exception of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) with primarily non-university career goalsDepartment
Cornelia Harte Mentoring PROIn the 86 tandems that have so far been set up, we have brought together advanced PhD students, post docs and habilitands with professors and academics who have undertaken a habilitation from national and European Universities and Research Institutions. With their sound knowledge and practical tips, the mentors contribute to the successful career development of excellent junior academics. For advanced doctoral candidates, postdocs and habilitands with career goals in academia & researchDepartment
IFS-Mentoring: Mentoring Program for International Female ScholarsThis program pairs PhD students who are in the final stage of their studies and postdoctoral fellows with experienced professors for one-to-one mentoring. Through this system, mentees learn strategies for individual career planning, gain insight into the informal rules and structures of university life in Germany, and develop networks. A framework program that involves a variety of workshops and individual coaching sessions accompanies the program.(Post-)DocsDepartment
Gender Mentoring AgencyThe Gender Mentoring Agency offers measures to promote particularly talented female doctoral students and students at the University of Cologne. The aim is to attract them – within the scope of structured talent management – for careers in academia and to provide them with long-term support in planning and implementing their career steps.PhD students and Undergrad studentsDepartment

Other Status Group CarrierLink
Management Program The seminar modules of the management program for female professors & female leaders involve basic skills for managing complex leadership and management tasks, taking gender-sensitive aspects into account.Female Professors and LeadersDepartment
Fokus Vereinbarkeit – Training Program for balancing Family/Care and CareerEvents/Courses from the Training Program for Family/Care and CareerUniversity Staff
Pilot Project JobsharingManagement jobsharing for academic and non-academic positions at the University of Cologne is the voluntary sharing of full-time position involving two or more part-time positions with the same amount of responsibility. Jobsharing at the UoC took place within the framework of the Institutional Strategy as a model project from 2013 until 2017. Academic and Non-Academic Management Vice-Rector for Gender Equality and
NetExFinancial support for a postdoc or junior professor of the University of Cologne at a university or research institution abroad, for a visiting scholar, or for an international workshop or symposium at the University.Postdocs and Junior Professors Division 72 -Women Professors'
Postdoc-Kids&ElderCareThe objective of this programme is to assist postdocs and junior professors of the University of Cologne with their care responsibilities. Within the framework of this programme, subsidization for childcare costs or funding for an assistant can be provided. Postdocs and Junior Professors Division 72 - Women Professors'
Family-friendly Work SpaceThe Family-friendly Work Space of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is located in Room 2.208. The family-friendly work space offices students and staff members of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities an alternative work space if they need to take their children to the University with them. Faculty Staff and StudentsEquality Officer of the Faculty of Arts and
Facult of Arts and Humanities Family DayThe objective of the Family Day is to show the children of students and staff the working-world of their parents.To this end, there was a treasure hunt through the Faculty during the last two Family Days as well as a sitting in the Dean's Office and lots more.Faculty Staff and StudentsEquality Officer of the Faculty of Arts and
Scholarships for Trips Abroad for Students with ChildrenThis scholarship is for students with children who are planning to take a trip abroad (semester abroad, internship or, for example, writing a thesis in a foreign country for a period of at least six weeks) and would like to apply for financial support.StudentsDepartment "Internationale Mobility" and
Information for Pregnant Students and Students with Children - KSTWInformation in the following areas: help with social and economic problems, financial framework, support and state benefits such as, for example, parental benefit and child allowance, legal regulations, information about daily life and study organization such as, for example, holiday semesters, networking with local institutions, information about internal and external organizations, support contacting administrative agencies, living with children, information about
Family Campus MapYou can find changing facilities, day care centres and playgrounds in and around the university on our FAMILY-CAMPUS-MAP.University Staff and Students
Mobile children’s corners for offices/Kids’ BoxesThe toy boxes are suitable for all ages.University Staff and Students
Toy BoxesFamily Support has toy boxes that can be borrowed for, among other things, events with an additional childcare service.University Staff and Students
Toy Boxes Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesThe family-friendly resources of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities are available to all members of staff with children. For this reason, all institutes and departments located outside the Philosophikum that do not have access to the Family Family Work Space can get a toy box. The box is portable and contains a play rug as well as toys and books for children of all ages. University Staff and Students und StudierendeEquality Officer of the Faculty of Arts and
Support Contact ProgrammeExchange with and information from a chosen contact person from the discipline/department; organization support from management in the planning process for the support programme during parental leave and information on qualification courses and the balancing work and life from Department 42/43 (personnel development) and Department 45 (Dual Career & Family Support).Employees and trainees of the University of Cologne who take parental leave or leave to care for family members