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Gender Research at the Faculty of Arts and Humanity

Dr. Michaela Haug (Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology) Gender, (In-)Equality and Economic
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lindner (Modern History), Prof. Dr. Michaela Pelican (Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology), Prof. Dr. Claudio Pinheiro (Rio de Janeiro University & Sephis Programme) History of gender and empire Global circulation of concepts and the (re)production of social
Prof. Dr. Barbara Lüthi (North American History) Female Violence as Self-Defense in 1970s and 1980s
Manon Diederich (Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology)Struggling to Become an Autonomous Wife - Conflicting Notions of Womanhood Among Senegalese Migrants in Guangzhou (PhD Projekt)
Prof. Dr. Monika Schausten (IDSL I) Damen mit Hündchen: Zur Geschichte eines visuellen Topos vom Mittelalter bis in die


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Barrieren und Ressourcen wissenschaftlicher KarrierenWithin the framework of the project "Barrieren und Ressourcen wissenschaftlicher Karrieren", PhD students, female postdocs, postdocs with habilitations and junior professors at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities were interviewed about their career paths during the summer of 2016. The findings from the surveys were evaluated and processed according to various thematic focal points. The data on family friendliness, the promotion of women, PhDs, habilitations and W1 professorships is now also publicly available. The project was financed through funding from the University of Cologne for the implementation of the statutory equality
Boys and BooksBoys and Books is a project that was initiated by Prof. Dr. Christine Garbe and is aimed at inexperienced young readers in particular. Based on empirical research on the reading habits of children and young people, the Internet platform recommends literature to encourage children and young people to read.
Gender InnGender Inn is a databank for academic publications in the area of gender research.
Gender ForumIn cooperation with an international team, Prof. Dr. Beate Neumeier publishes an Internet Journal for gender specific themes and discussions in the areas of literature and culture, media and art, politics, natural sciences, medicine, law, religion and
13th CFP COMFOR-Conference 2018 (ComFor): "Spaces Between – Gender, Diversity and Identity in Comics"Within the framework of the 13th CFP COMFOR-Conference, the German Society for Comics Studies (ComFor) will examine the productive potential of comics by uncovering and analysing different forms of the ‘spaces between’ within the art form itself, but also within its production and its audience. The internationally and interdisciplinarily assembled talks will focus on the question of how gender, identity and diversity are represented and negotiated in sequential art. The theme of the conference, Spaces Between – Gender, Diversity and Identity in Comics, will draw our attention to the nexus between the medium of comics and categories of difference and identity such as gender, dis/ability, age, and ethnicity, in order to open and deepen an interdisciplinary conversation between comics studies and intersectional identity studies within the international comics studies community. In this respect, the 13th annual conference of the German Society for Comics Studies will not only contribute to the disclosure of exclusions, power structures and (hetero-)normative allocations in comics, but will also critically analyse their socio-political and communicative forms of (re-)production.