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A habilitation undertaken at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities serves to verify the ability to independently represent a subject of the faculty in research and teaching.

It is for relevant for academics pursuing a university career as it is required in most cases as a requirement for the position of a tenured professorship. The habilitation is involves a post-doctoral thesis and oral exam.  

Habilitation Regulations

The new Habilitation Regulations of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities from 27.1.2016 came into force on the day of the notice in the official announcement of the University of Cologne (23rd February 2016) and was amended after 25.10.2017 through the regulation to revise the Habilitation Regulation of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Procedures began before the entry into force of these Habilitation Regulations must be completed in accordance with the previously valid Habilitation Regulations of 26th July 1999.

Habilitation Regulations 2016:

Amendment Regulations 2017:

Habilitation Regulations 1999:


Application for a Habilitation Procedure

To apply to initiate a habilitation procedure, please use the "Application to initiate a Habilitation Procedure".

The application to initiate a habilitation procedure is introduced at a sitting of the Habilitation Committee or a faculty sitting by the dean. The complete application and relevant documents have to be submitted not later than three weeks before the desired date of the procedure initiation to the Office of the Dean. Examinations and degrees that have been obtained or acquired outside the scope of German Law are recognized if their equivalence has been established. Please consider that the examination of the equivalence in your degrees may take some time.

The current dates for sitting of the habilitation committee and the faculty can be found in the faculty calendar.

Application to initiate the habilitation procedure:


Application to transfer to Habilitation according to the 2016 Regulations:


Habilitation Committee Sitting:

Faculty Diary