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Open Sankoré

The Open Sankoré concept is based on software that was developed by the Swiss University of Lausanne and used by its teaching staff. The "Gemeinnützige Interessenvereinigung für Digitale Bildung in Afrika" acquired the rights to this software a few years later and published it under a free license.

Open Sankoré is the first free software that is used to edit prepared content such as audio files, images and videos on interactive whiteboards, graphics or PC tablets.

At the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the software is being used withn the framework of a test phase on a media desk in room S 91 of the Philosophikum. If you have booked the room for a course and are interested in using the media desk, please send us a short e-mail.

The software provides four editing tools with which you can work: a workspace, a web browser, a desktop and a document overview. The concept is based on efficient and intuitive usability and is aimed at teachers, pupils and students who do not necessarily have much technical knowledge.

When the interactive whiteboard is connected to a projector, teachers can show students their documents, pictures or videos, open homepages in the web browser and interact on the desktop - in addition, work surfaces can be edited, labelled, marked, etc. The interactive whiteboard can also be used to create and edit websites. Open Sankoré offers in excess of 50 functions, which are characterized by simple and user-friendly presentation and application

Getting started with Open Sankoré

The handout on the right provides an overview of Open Sankoré applications. It has information on the different views and workspaces as well as on the different functions and explains the software in a user-friendly way. Some tips and tricks are also included.