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The Faculty of Arts and Humainties ⓘ

Image: Constanze Alpen

The Faculty in Numbers


Students (Winter Semester 2017/2018): 13,661

International Students
(Winter Semester 2016/2017): 365

Professors (Winter Semester 2016/2017): 165
Academic Staff (incl. Professors) (12/2017): 863   
Institutes: 26               

Bachelor Degree Programmes: 29

Master Degree Programmes: 47

Graduates (PJ 2017): 2,776

PhDs (PJ 2017): 73


University Partnerships: 370

Collaborative Research Centres: 3

Excellence Graduate School: 1

Research Training Groups: 2

Humboldt Professors: 1

Leibniz Prizewinners: 3

ERC Grants: 1

Zukunftspreise: 6

University Prizes 3



The guiding principal of the Faculty is structured accrording to five key areas.