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Leo Spitzer Prize

To promote excellent Research, the Universityof Cologne has been awarding the Leo Spitzer Prize as well as the Leo Spitzer Prize for Junior Academics within the framework of the Research Prizes since 2013 to excellent researchers in the Humanities.

The prizes are awarded in remembrance of Leo Spitzer, a renowned Austrian Jewish scholar of Romance philology and literary theory. He came from an Austrian Jewish family and is considered a proponent of stylistics. He published on a wide range of topics in linguistics as well as literary and cultural history who was a professor of Romance Languages at the University of Cologne until 1933 when the National Socialists took power and he was dismissed from the University.  He was one of the founders of the Portuguese-Brazilian Institute at the University.

Die Leo-Spitzer-Preise sind bei einer Laufzeit von drei/zwei Jahren mit 80.000€/40.000€ ausgestattet und werden durch das Rektorat der Universität in Kooperation mit dem Dezernat 7 ausgeschrieben und vergeben.



Leo Spitzer Prize:

Professor Dr. Michael Bollig, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropologytypo3/#_ftn1


Leo Spitzer Prize:

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Himmelmann, Institute for Linguisticstypo3/#_ftn1

Leo Spitzer Prize for Junior Academics:

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Diana Lengersdorf, Institut für Vergleichende Bildungsforschung


Leo Spitzer Prize:

Professor Dr. Wilhelm Hofmann, Faculty of Human Sciencestypo3/#_ftn1


Leo Spitzer Prize:

Prof. Dr. Beate Primus, Department of German Language and Literature Itypo3/#_ftn1

Leo Spitzer Prize for Junior Academics:

Dr. Jorris Lammers, Social Cognition Center Cologne


Leo Spitzer Prize: 

Professorin Dr. Ursula Frohne, Department of Art Historytypo3/#_ftn1

Leo Spitzer Prize for Junior Academics:

Dr. Anne Hermes, Institute for Linguistics/Phonetics


Leo Spitzer Prize:

Professor Dr. Gerrit J. Dimmendaal, Institute for African Studies