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Cooperative Projects

A significant amount of the research at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is interdisciplinary and takes place within the framework of research alliances. Through close networks between researchers of diverse disciplines, synergy effects are optimally utilized, new innovative research formats are established and excellent research is the result. Researchers of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities regularly procure large-scale cooperative projects and successfully realize them.


DFG Research Training Group 2212 – Dynamics of Conventionality (400 - 1550)


The interdisciplinary Research Training Group "Dynamics of Conventionality (400-1550)" is comprised of a cooperation between the disciplines of History, German Studies, Philosophy, Art History, Medieval Philology and Musicology and will receive funding of Euro 3.3 Million over a period of four and a half years from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The Research Training Group wants to explore the concept of conventionality as a new keyword for  interdisciplinary research of the Middle Ages.

Researchers: Professor Dr. Udo Friedrich, Department of German Language and Literature I, Old Language and Literature (Spokesperson)

Website: (in German)

DFG Projectpage:


DFG-Graduiertenkolleg 2661 – "anschließen-ausschließen" - Kulturelle Praktiken jenseits globaler Vernetzung


Beteiligung: Herr Professor Dr. Stefan Kramer, Ostasiatisches Seminar (Sprecher)

Laufzeit: Seit 2021

Projektseite (DFG):
Projektseite (UzK):

Beteiligte Instituionen:

  • Ostasiatisches Seminar (UzK)
  • Institut für Ethnologie (UzK)
  • Institut für Kunst und Kunsttheorie (UzK)
  • Romanisches Seminar (UzK)
  • Institut für Medienkultur und Theater (UzK)
  • Institut für deutsche Sprache und Literatur I (UzK)
  • Arbeitsbereich Speicherung (KHM)
  • Arbeitsbereich Standardisierung (KHM)
  • Köln International School of Design (TH Köln)

Mercator Institute for Literacy and Language Education


The Mercator Institute for Literacy and Language Education is an institute of the University of Cologne, initiated and funded by Stiftung Mercator. Its aim is to improve language education. To achieve this objective, it researches and develops innovative concepts, measures and tools for language education. It provides regional training for prospective teachers and national training for educators in nurseries, schools and adult education, and prepares academic findings specifically for decision-makers in educational policy, administration and practice. Through its research and the academic services it provides to language education in a multilingual society, the Mercator Institute helps create more equal opportunities in the education system.


Professor Dr. Michael Becker-Mrotzek, Department of German Language and Literature II 


Stiftung Mercator



DFG Research Groups


Research groups are research collaborations involving academics who have a common research objective that comprise Individual Grants Programmes or Priority Programmes funded by the DFG for a period of at least 6 years which combined far exceed funding obtained for individual research projects. The modular structure of the research groups enables varying emphases and foci. The flexible structure simplifies thereby, on the one hand, cooperation with established cooperation partners, and enables, on the other, cooperation with non-university institutions while providing possibilities to promote and support junior academics.


FOR 2495: Inductive Metaphysics

Spokesperson: Professor Dr. Andreas Hüttemann, Department of Philosophy

Term: Since 2016

Project Website (DFG):


  • University of Bonn, Department of Philosophy
  • TU Dortmund, Department of Philosophy and Political Science
  • Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey, Department of Philosophy
  • HHU Düsseldorf, Department of Philosophy
  • WWU Münster, Subject Area 08 - History and Philosophy , Department of Philosophy


FOR 1063: "Causation, Laws, Dispositions and Explanations at the Interface of Science and Metaphysics"

Spokesperson: Professor Dr. Andreas Hüttemann, Department of Philosophy

Funding by the DFG since 2009

Project Website (DFG):


Research Network Latin America


The Research Network for Latin America – Ethnicity, Citizenship, Belonging is a interdisciplinary research network comprising various institutions of the University of Cologne and of the Universities of  Bielefeld, Bonn, Münster and Hannover with a focus on approaches from the Humanities, Social Sciences and Regional Studies from the subjects of History, Anthropology, Cultural Studies and Sociology.  

Within the framework of the "Freedom for Research in the Humanities" initiative, the funding is being provided by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).  



Professor Dr. Barbara Potthast, Department of History