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Application Procedure

preliminary review documentation (VPD) for applications with international degrees

The formal application procedure depends on the country in which the previous degree was obtained.

Applications with a national degree: Students who completed their previous degree (usually a Bachelor) at the University of Cologne or at another German university apply exclusively via the university's internal campus management portal KLIPS 2.0.

The application start is 7 December 2021 and ends 15 January, 2022.

Students who have not completed their previous degree (usually a Bachelor) at a German university, but have a foreign degree, please also obtain information here:

Applications with an international degree:

If you obtained your Bachelor's degree outside of Germany, please note the two-stage application procedure!

1. application for a preliminary review documentation (VPD) at uni-assist

Processing time is approx. 3 - 4 weeks. Please apply for the VPD as early as possible before the application deadline at the UzK. In order to participate in the application procedure for the summer term, the documents for the VDP examination should be submitted to uni-assist by 30 November at the latest.

2. application via the application portal of the UzK Klips 2.0 from 7 December 2021 

Deadlines summer term 2022: 15 January 2022  for all Master's degree programmes and all applicant groups.

Please keep checking the homepages for any changes that may occur at short notice!

Before the application

Application Procedure

After the application