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This degree programme is not fully described in English. For more and legally binding information, please select "Deutsch" in the top right menu (globe).

German Language and Literature

Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Dual Major)

Course image
Regelstudienzeit 6 semesters
Beginn Winter semester
Zugangsbeschränkung Ja
Unterrichtssprache German
Credit Points / Leistungspunkte

Subject A: 78 CP + Subject B: 78 CP + integrated Degree: 12 LP + Bachelor’s Thesis: 12 CP = 180 CP

Course description

How do people learn a language and how can languages be investigated? In what ways do text forms shape culture and society? How does medieval literature and language work? How can the relationship between modern German literature and modern forms of media be analysed scientifically?

You will answer these and similar questions during your degree using various methods of speech and textual analysis. In the process, you will familiarise yourself with the historical and cultural contexts of German-language literature – from the early Middle Ages though to the present day. You will be taught the basic grammatical and communicative aspects of the German language and its historical development. The main themes covered at the Cologne Institute are extremely diverse. For example, you can actively study and carry out research in the following areas:

  • Gender research
  • Pop(ular) culture
  • Media culture studies
  • Modern literature
  • Theories and models of linguistics
  • Transculturality
  • Text and knowledge cultures

In seminars focussing on professional practice or creative writing, you will gain practical experience during your degree that will provide you with important insights and skills for your professional career.