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This degree programme is not fully described in English. For more and legally binding information, please select "Deutsch" in the top right menu (globe).

Social and Cultural Anthropology

Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Dual Major)

Regelstudienzeit 6 semesters
Beginn Winter semester
Zugangsbeschränkung Ja
Unterrichtssprache German
Credit Points / Leistungspunkte

Subject A: 78 CP + Subject B: 78 CP + integrated Degree: 12 LP + Bachelor’s Thesis: 12 CP = 180 CP

Course description

How do people live together in different societies? How is culture changing and what do these changes mean for people’s everyday lives? How do people use their natural environment and how does the environment in turn shape human culture? What does migration mean for those who leave their homes and for those who stay behind?

You will examine these and similar questions during your ethnology degree. You will learn how to conduct fieldwork as the most important tool of inquiry into ethnology. You will apply the methods of cultural comparison to identify overarching cultural and societal connections.
In addition, you also have the opportunity to specialise on certain regions or themes:

  • Regional: Africa, Asia (especially South-East Asia and China), Euro-Mediterranean area
  • Themes: Socio-economics and human/environment relationships, migration and globalisation, media and religious ethnology

We conduct numerous international and in some cases interdisciplinary research projects that will give you the chance to gain some insight into the latest research and academic debates. At the end of your degree, you will be able to competently analyse contemporary issues based on ethnological case studies from a wide range of regions around the world.