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Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Dual Major)

Course image
Regelstudienzeit 6 semesters
Beginn Winter semester
Zugangsbeschränkung Ja
Unterrichtssprache German
Credit Points / Leistungspunkte

Subject A: 78 CP + Subject B: 78 CP + integrated Degree: 12 LP + Bachelor’s Thesis: 12 CP = 180 CP

Course description

Geography deals with the topography and evolution of the Earth’s surface. It takes into account the physical properties of the landscape, people and their materials and intellectual surroundings, as well as the interconnections between physical and social developments in a wide range of geographical regions. A main focus of modern geography and the study of the subject at the University of Cologne is the analysis and evaluation of human/environmental relationships, especially from the perspective of sustainable development. Geography thus serves as a bridge between the natural and social sciences, which means that it is a subject that also comprehensively considers complex global issues.

Areas of focus:

  • Urban and regional research
  • Economic geography
  • Global South
  • GIS and remote sensing
  • Landscape genesis
  • Hydrogeography
  • Soil geography
  • Coastal morphology