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Working with BSCW (Groupware)

Working with BSCW (Groupware)

BSCW stands for Basic Support for Cooperative Work and is a comprehensive web-based platform which makes cooperation in work group easier.

The members of individual work groups are able to set up work areas for the organization and coordination of tasks.

Documents, appointments, contacts, tasks and notes can be created in shared workspaces.

In addition, collaboration can be organized via tasks and schedule coordination.

Blogs, forums and wikis are available for exchanging information and documenting project results.


The following functions are available on the BSCW-Server:

- document management with version control

- metadata to contextualize documents

- document release for quality control during document creation

- appointment management via group calendar

- contact management that sorts contacts lists according to projects

- project management

- work group management

- microblogging for exchanging messages within the team

- communication via discussion forums, blogs, Wikis

- task management using workflows

- appointment coordination

- messaging

- desktop integration


Short guides and Handbooks can be found on the right.

BSCW Video Tutorials

In order to make your work with BSCW easier, you will find in the following video tutorials, which will give you an overview of the basic structure of BSCW.

More video tutorials are currently being produced. Please feel free to send your comments and suggestions to

BSCW (Groupware)