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This degree programme is not fully described in English. For more and legally binding information, please select "Deutsch" in the top right menu (globe).

Japanese Culture Past and Present

Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Dual Major)

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Regelstudienzeit 6 semesters
Beginn Winter semester
Zugangsbeschränkung Ja
Unterrichtssprachen German , Study language
Credit Points / Leistungspunkte

Subject A: 78 CP + Subject B: 78 CP + integrated Degree: 12 LP + Bachelor’s Thesis: 12 CP = 180 CP

Course description

The degree provides students with expert knowledge of Japanese culture from the early modern period (from 1600) up to the present day. This period in history is responsible for key political, economic and social/cultural developments and heralded radical change in the country. The early modern period is not only crucially important for nearly all forms of cultural expression and achievements in contemporary Japan but also forms the basis of any well-founded academic study of modern Japan.
You will receive an intensive education in both spoken and written Japanese at the University of Cologne. The language training is not limited to just the modern language. You are already introduced to so-called classical written language, which was used in many important areas of public life in Japan up to 1945 such as in literature, art, music and science, during the bachelor’s degree.
The courses teach you the principles of Japanology, such as intercultural communication, working methods and an introduction to cultural studies, i.e. the “tools of the trade” for academic study. The advanced modules provide students with important specialist knowledge about culture, society and history from the early modern period (from 1600) up to the present day. Students not only study high culture, popular culture and subcultures but also regional and everyday cultures. The course thus enables you to assess modern Japan in a competent and scientifically sound manner.